Photography by:  Josh Vertucci

Photography by: Josh Vertucci

About Emily

For so many years, cooking for myself and my favorite people has been what gets me through the day. In college, I would come home from 12 hour days and would head straight to the kitchen to make a healthy, home cooked meal before starting on homework. Once I started my career and became a wife, it only made sense that the trend would continue. I love any and every opportunity to cook for my family and friends. Starting this blog became a way to share my favorite dishes with others, while also serving as a challenge to branch out and try creating new meals.

While I do try to stick with healthy meals 80% of the time, the truth is I'm a 20-something that still loves to eat ice cream, cookies, and all the bread. The majority of the recipes posted here will be healthy, with a few treats thrown in to keep my sweet tooth and the hubs happy.

Occasionally I'll share other thoughts outside of the food realm. My entire day doesn't solely consist of cooking food, and it only makes sense that this blog would reflect that.



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