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Lessons Learned in Year One of Marriage

Saturday marked one year married to my best friend. And while we don't have all the answers and still have loads to learn, there were plenty of lessons learned in year one that no one gave us a heads up on. And since everyone around us seems to be getting married (or close to it), we thought it was worth passing along.

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The Truth of 24

With my 25th birthday tomorrow, I’ve been reflecting on the past year a lot. I knew my 24th year would hold a lot of changes; how could it not with the whole getting married thing? Previously, I had always anticipated that my 18th year with graduating high school and starting college would be the biggest year of change I would face. Or maybe even my 22nd year when I graduated college and had to put my big girl pants on to join the real world.

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Take 2


About two and a half years ago I decided that I was going to start a blog. I was in the midst of my most stressful (and thankfully final) semester of school, I was working and interning, and I was applying for jobs. Even though I was busier than ever, I still wanted to put myself out there and start a blog sharing my life and all the craziness that existed within it. 

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