Monday Morning Woes

Monday's are the worst. I don't care how much you enjoy your job, you do not enjoy your job on a Monday morning. 

Last Monday, I was sitting at the front desk of the Crisis Center for our receptionist thinking about all of the reasons why I was so annoyed with that particular Monday. My alarm went off too early, it was ridiculously hot in my office, and I'd had some testy callers while at reception.

My Monday morning woes all came to an end when a young woman came in looking for assistance. She was about my age and looked like someone that would be in my group of friends. She was calm and casual as she asked me about how to get services from our counseling center. She then continued to ask if that was the same department that handled sexual assault cases and that she needed help there too. 

Here I was thinking about how annoyed I was with my day and there's this woman who is having to come to the Crisis Center to get assistance for these traumas she has faced. No matter what I'm going through on my Monday, it will never be as difficult as what this woman faced to bring her into the Crisis Center. 

It puts your Monday into perspective. Instead of thinking of all the ways your Monday is going wrong, appreciate all the ways it's going right. Be thankful for a fresh week and a new day.