Half Training - Week 4

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

One of the first bible verses that ever stuck with me was Philipians 4:13. I think it was somewhere in the middle of a steep hike up a mountainside in Haiti that I grasped onto the words and started using them as my internal anthem across all situations. 

My run this past Saturday was no different. I was driving to the park I was going to begin my run at, praying for safety and strength as I faced 7 miles on my own. The verse popped into my head and I kept repeating it to myself.  

My first few miles were smooth and easy. I was pushing out quicker miles than I'd ever done before and felt great. By my last mile, my time had slowed slightly. With stomach pains leading to a stitch in my side, I was ready to quit. But then Philippians 4:13 jumped to the front of my head. I kept repeating it to myself, while also reflecting on the truth of the statement. That last mile was a reminder of how far I've come, the strength I've gained in these past few years, and the gratefulness I have for being able to accomplish these miles.  

While not thankful for the stitch in my side, I appreciated it for the simple fact that it forced me to slow down and remember that it wasn't on my own that I was running these miles.