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Birthday S'mores Brownies

For the past few weeks, I've been limiting the sweets I've been eating. Besides just trying to keep my tummy happy, we're also in the midst of birthday season and my body can't handle birthday treats three times a week. But all bets are off since it is now my birthday week, so I say LETS EAT CAKE. Or in this case, brownies.

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Apple Chicken Salad

GUYS. Spring is HERE. I get to a point towards the end of every season where I'm over it and ready for a change, and I was done with the cold weather around mid-February (as done as you can be when you live in Florida and it rarely gets below 60 degrees). Now, I'm just ready to add a healthy sun-kissed glow to my skin so I can start to look like the Florida girl that I am.

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