An Average Runner

I've struggled for a while with whether or not to bring my running into my blog. I wanted to since it's such a big part of my day-to-day, but I also was hesitant since I'm not some running superstar whose throwing out these impressive 8 minute miles and signing up for marathons every other week.

But that's not the real world.

I read so many blogs where the girls are these great runners who ran in high school and continued their love into college and adult life. That wasn't me. I remember being on sports teams in high school and hating when we had to run laps. Or the times I ran with my dad in my teens and my brother would come along just to run laps around me. Literally. 

My hatred towards running changed in college. I started to enjoy running...slowly...with using a couch to 5k app that helped me build up my endurance until I ran my first 5k four months later. After that I went on to run a relay race with a team of 11 other runners as we ran from Miami to Key West later that same year. And it's been all uphill from there.

While I haven't quit running since I've started, and have only grown to love it more as I get older, I'm still not some running superstar. I'm pushing out 9:30 minute miles which I'm proud of. I've run half marathons and Tough Mudders and relays that are huge accomplishments for me because each race was better than the last. 

Why am I sharing this? While I was discouraged to share my runs because I was comparing my stats to other faster, stronger runners, I figured there are plenty of others out there that can't relate to those bloggers that are writing about their 8 minute miles either. So while we slower runners may not be breaking any records or first out the gate, we're still running the same races and crossing the same finish lines. I'm perfectly content with my love and commitment to running and pushing out 9:30 minute miles as long as I'm continuing to push and improve myself.