Breakfast Nachos

This meal was a celebratory one, of sorts. After a year and a half of cooking in the tiny, underwhelming galley kitchen of our apartment, this was the final meal that I cooked there before packing up and heading to our beautiful new home.

Toffee Pudding Mix Cookies

Healthy eaters, look away. I strayed away from my usual healthier baking to make some indulgent, melt in your mouth cookies for my pops for Father's Day. While he's a pretty healthy guy most of the time, he isn't one to cut back where cookies are concerned.

Ginger Steak Bowl with Peanut Sauce

When I was a kid, my mom coerced me into eating my veggies by having me "disguise" them. What did this look like? Small portions of green beans hidden beneath mountains of ketchup. It was the only way I could manage to eat any vegetables for years, which I now find humorous since I rarely eat ketchup these days.

Baked Egg Sweet Potatoes

Behind every successful food blogger, is their taste tester. A friend, roommate, family member, significant other. Someone who is willing to try anything and everything and give you their honest opinion. For me, my partner in sampling out new recipes is my husband Andy.

Birthday S'mores Brownies

For the past few weeks, I've been limiting the sweets I've been eating. Besides just trying to keep my tummy happy, we're also in the midst of birthday season and my body can't handle birthday treats three times a week. But all bets are off since it is now my birthday week, so I say LETS EAT CAKE. Or in this case, brownies.

Coconut Fruit Pizza

I had big plans for this dessert. I started making it last weekend with the idea to present it to my mother on Mother's Day since it includes some of her favorite flavors: coconut, kiwi, banana, almond. And in an attempt to keep it healthy, I made my first ever coconut flour crust. And failed. Horribly. 

Kale & Quinoa Greek Salad

I used to hate quinoa. HATE. I couldn't figure out what all of the buzz was with this newfound health food a few years back. I gave it a fair chance at first, cooking it up in a couple different recipes, but was not a fan. I wrote it off and decided it just wasn't for me.

Banana, Walnut & Chocolate Chip Muffins

If the bananas in my kitchen could speak, they would tell you what a horrible person I am. I buy bananas weekly, promise them a wonderful life of being served with yogurt and granola, or on warm oats with almond butter, but instead I neglect them until they're brown beyond recognition on my countertop. 

Almond Joy Cereal Bars

I got my love for Almond Joys from my mom. I remember being a kid, sorting out my Halloween goodies into piles by candy type, while under the watchful eye of my parents. They played it off as wanting to make sure we threw away the open or suspicious pieces, but really they were just eyeing what they would take out of my stash after I fell asleep. And my mom was always sizing up the Almond Joy selection.

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From Treadmills to Trails

The past few weeks I've been training for my next race. And far different from my usual road half-marathons, this race requires me to step outside of my normal treadmill training comfort zone and onto the trails. For the Ragnar Relay, I'll be running three times on three different trails in Atlanta over the course of about 24 hours. To say that I was ignorant to what this would require of me is an understatement.

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Homemade Pop Tarts

Raise your hand if every time you travel down the cereal aisle at the grocery store you're tempted to swipe a box of pop tarts into your shopping cart (*raises both hands*). Pop tarts were one of my favorite treats as a kid, and are probably still my favorite treat as an adult. But if eating pop tarts as an adult is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

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Apple Chicken Salad

GUYS. Spring is HERE. I get to a point towards the end of every season where I'm over it and ready for a change, and I was done with the cold weather around mid-February (as done as you can be when you live in Florida and it rarely gets below 60 degrees). Now, I'm just ready to add a healthy sun-kissed glow to my skin so I can start to look like the Florida girl that I am.

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